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We unfold the full spectrum of RFID/NFC/AUTO ID Solutions.


Our contactless identification solutions all aim at answering these three questions: What? Where? What properties?


Our complete solutions may be used in an almost unlimited number of applications – in fact, wherever contactless identi-fication can help to answer the three questions listed above. Our strength lies in being able to recognise where an RFID/NFC/Auto ID solution can best be used to streamline sequen-ces, make processes more efficient and tackle problems that have so far remained unsolved.


This implies that we do not just understand the technolo-gical processes that take place in the background, but also the user’s requirements and problems. Since 2003 experience and a wide customer base across all industries provide us with the perfect basis to do our job properly. 


A successful solution will always rely on economic feasibility, ROI and cost efficiency – however, we believe that reducing complexity is also an important aspect. For us, this implies user-friendliness, which is also reflected in the consultation process and the way we communicate with our customers. Our solutions are easy to comprehend – the technological processes in the background take care of themselves.





We think that pre-fabricated solutions and individual requirements simply don’t go together. What drives us are curiosity and perfection.


For this reason, TAGnology has its own RFID-Center with an in-house lab where we conduct feasibility studies, complete customer specific development processes, adjust components right down to the last detail and build prototypes, if required by the customer.



In our RFID/NFC webshop, you have the option of ordering components and accessories as well as complete systems and Software from leading manufacturers and from our own production facilities with the click of a mouse.

Our centralised warehouse guarantees the shortest possible delivery times.



Knowledge reduces complexity and helps us to fully utilise potentials. For this reason, we are pleased to share our expert knowledge with our customers. The ID[K]KNOW training centre provides practice-orientated training events as well as customised seminars.