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With innovative RFID technology, it is now possible for new processes (business processes) for the identification of goods and products with simple administration to be represented.


Intelligent, contact-free technology can be used in combination with other identification technologies with just one goal: quicker return on investment with increased customer satisfaction and accessibility to the system.


There are a number of requirements placed on an RFID system for the identification of goods and products, such as: physical, ergonomic, technical and commercial parameters.


Our team specializes in the provision of components, systems and solutions optimized to your requirements and applications.


The use of RFID technology can be found in the growing international market, including our following applications and references:


  • Container Management: container identification
  • Product Designation: product identification
  • Libraries: self-checkout
  • Replacement Parts Logistics
  • Tools: identification of measuring equipment
  • Document Identification
  • Agriculture and Forestry, e.g. forestry records
  • Physical Inventory: recording building inventories
  • Maintenance & Repair
  • Automation: optimization of the production process
  • Warehousing
  • Intralogistics
  • Logistics: supply chain management
  • Forgery Protection: product security & product piracy
  • Optimization of the Flow of Materials
  • Rental Companies: rental services
  • Monitoring of Returned Merchandise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Waste Management: waste disposal management systems
  • Public Health Services: object detection in the clinical sector
  • Track and Trace
  • Palette Identification
  • Object security
  • Location of goods and products
  • Theft Prevention
  • Information Portals: Museum Exhibits
  • Refrigeration Logistics
  • Jewelry Identification
  • Laundry Applications