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What do a Chilean miner, a painting stolen from a German art collection and a delivery of life-saving medication to the Ukraine have in common?



The answer is straightforward: All three of them can be localised easily and in real time, due to our RFID/NFC solutions.


In logistics, both the transfer location of a delivery and the location and condition of individual goods can be tracked at any time. This means that the actual delivery time is made transparent and logistical processes become easy to optimise.

These benefits are already being utilised in the Ukraine, where individual regions are not supplied with medicinal products on a regular basis and/or actual delivery dates and volumes can differ significantly from the original plans.


Security is usually a primary concern when transponders are used as protection mechanisms to prevent the pirate copying of luxury items or to prevent stock dwindling in libraries or in tool warehouses. But the technology also has additional functions, such as mobile inventory tracking or the use of selfservice terminals.

On large building sites, our technology helps to reduce repositioning and search times that as a rule make up no less than 20% of costs: With a combined RFID - GPS localisation solution,the logistical properties of these goods are optimised NFC technology is successfully used in access systems and time-keeping mechanisms in company security systems as well

as for cashless payment transactions in the leisure industry.



In maintenance applications, maintenance plans and facility information may be saved directly on the RFID TAG. Service engineers receive their task list on mobile hand devices. The completed maintenance and monitoring activities are logged electronically directly on site and then sent to the respective administrative system. Monitoring data is thus documented straightaway and available immediately and without Interim steps.


TAGnology solutions are particularly popular for logistics applications, for instance container management or stock receipt systems and to track batches, and are currently being used by the automotive and aerospace industry as well as by manufacturing companies.

As you can see – there are no limits to where our products can be used. Let our and your imagination run wild to see where

contactless identification can also facilitate and streamline your tasks and processes.