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Smart Solutions

Discover the intelligent RFID solutions for your individual requirements developed in cooperation with our software offshoot TAGpilot: Optimize your load carrier management, simplify your inventory work, protect your production equipment from failures and monitor valuable items automatically.

Smart Logistics


Optimize your load carrier container management!

The fully automatic, easy-to-install and low-maintenance RFID solution independently analyzes and processes your stock movements - compatible with all common ERP systems and Android smartphones. Thanks to intelligent filter software, incorrect bookings are avoided and with the integrated direction recognition, the system transmits all data fully automatically via a standardized interface to the TAGpilot application for incoming and outgoing goods. The IEC-certified components can be individually adjusted in their length and width and can be set up independently as a plug & play system in no time at all without the need for a specialist.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Standardized solution for your incoming and outgoing goods

  • Cost reduction due to low acquisition and operating costs

  • No investment costs for external suppliers

  • Reduction of downtimes and coordination times

  • Creation of transparency in goods receiving

  • Faster availability of your goods („2h vs. 2d“)

Smart Logistic TAGnology.png
Smart Logistics

Container Management


Transparency in the logistics process

Container management is a key component of supply chain, production and transport logistics. Increasing transparency in container processes guarantees you savings and quality improvements. TAGpilot Container Management is the entry-level package into the world of RFID-based container management and consists of access to the server-side functions in our TAGpilot portal (online via web) and a pre-configured mobile data capture device for performing container bookings. This practice-oriented set includes a comprehensive transponder assortment that has been specially compiled for the container management application and offers a wide variety of transponder designs and mounting options. 

Your competitive advantages:

  • Tracking & tracing of bins, load carriers,
    containers and more.

  • Less effort in searching for containers

  • Reduction of inventory and shrinkage

  • Monitoring and documentation
    of all object movements

  • Better planning due to increased

  • Permanent online inventory overview

  • Possibility for mobile inventory

Behältermanagement TAGnology.png

Mobile inventory


Efficient, secure and optimized inventory taking

Equipping all items with Auto ID/RFID TAGs and performing inventory with mobile data capture devices can drastically simplify and document counting of items and assigning them to locations or actions. TAGpilot's Mobile Inventory is the entry-level package into the world of mobile inventory and consists of access to the server-side functions in our TAGpilot portal (online via web) and a pre-configured mobile data collection device to perform inventory and location entries. 

Your competitive advantages:

  • Simple and fast inventory capture via scan

  • Clear identification of items and avoidance of mix-ups

  • Clear location information of the items and thus inventory overview

  • Proper execution of the inventory in accordance with legal requirements

  • Documentation of storage and retrieval and usage

  • On-site data collection via mobile data entry devices (MDE)

Inventur TAGnology.png
Mobile Inventur

Mobile maintenance


Absolute documentation security

Maximum safety for the workforce and material assets, protection against breakdowns - the functional condition of technical systems, components, production facilities and operating equipment plays a decisive role in this, and so does Auto ID/RFID-based mobile maintenance (Mobile Maintenance). Initial inspections of objects and the creation of inspection reports are possible in a very short time. No separate IT infrastructure such as servers is required.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Clear identification of inspection objects and thus avoidance of confusion

  • Replacement of paper forms by digital media

  • Documentation of maintenance activities on parts subject to inspection

  • Minimization of error sources by reducing media discontinuities

  • Prompt processing of inspection results on the TAGpilot server

Instandhaltung TAgnology.png
Mobile Instandhaltung

Object monitoring


Secure object monitoring

TAGpilot Object Monitoring is an application based on the Auto ID platform TAGpilot and the active RFID system ZOMOFI® for monitoring valuable objects, e.g. art objects, measuring devices, valuables or containers. The solution is used to determine whether objects equipped with special identification hardware are being moved and thus manipulated. The aim of this solution is to detect the manipulation of objects and, as a consequence, to protect them from unauthorized transport, use, destruction or theft. The use of our solution represents a cost-effective, fast and convenient alternative to conventional monitoring mechanisms.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Individual object monitoring in rooms
    via sensors on the object

  • Low installation costs
    (wiring of the objects is not necessary)

  • Individual alarms per object (sensitivity)

  • Alarms are automatically sent by mail to the user,
    e.g. the security staff or downstream systems

  • Alarms are documented in TAGpilot

Objektsicherung TAGnology.png

Education & Innovation


Quick entry into the world of RFID technology

Specially designed for educational and research institutions that want to teach their pupils, trainees and students RFID/Auto ID technology as part of a technical, logistical or business education in the way it will be used in practice later on: With planning, conception and the interaction of hardware and software.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Full range of functions of an Auto ID/RFID platform

  • Versatile scenarios can be implemented

  • Comprehensive monitoring

  • Device management

  • Workflow engine

  • Preconfigured applications

  • Simulation

Bildung und Innovation TAGnology.png
Bildung & Innovation
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