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Award-winning system solutions

TAGnology has received over 25 innovation awards and certificates for its RFID hardware, total solutions and standard systems. Our systems are characterized by lightweight integration,

robustness and versatility.


Simply set it up yourself

The industry standard for fully automated goods registration - the ARROW GATE® system is a standardized, IEC-certified and scalable system with plug & play principle. The gates can be assembled, erected and set up in a very short time, even by non-technical personnel. The system is universally applicable in its delivered state and can be put into operation within a short time without expensive specialized personnel. Thanks to the scalable system, the frame can be adapted to any required size, but always retains its certification. The installed SIEMENS® hardware is convincing in its usual quality.


Intelligent data sets
The ARROW GATE® is supplied with a decentralized logic center. The integrated multi-level filter software not only recognizes all goods equipped with RFID transponders, but also the direction in which they are moved. This registers whether the goods are being moved from the warehouse to order picking or from production to the warehouse, for example. The data records thus obtained are immediately bookable and save valuable working time or reduce the occurrence of errors such as incorrect bookings or the incorrect creation of data records. A simple connection to higher-level enterprise systems guarantees that the data can be interpreted by any existing software. No further installation is necessary.


Automatic backup and new service concept
All relevant data records (such as IP addresses, default settings, etc.) are automatically stored on an SD memory card as a backup. In the event of a malfunction, the unit can be put back into operation immediately, even by non-technicians. This means a considerable reduction in downtime in the event of a malfunction. Should replacement be necessary, this is done with only one spare part. The control box can be completely replaced in just a few steps. The SD memory card remains in the system. After replacement, the decentralized intelligence automatically takes over all data from the backup on the memory card and immediately goes back into operation. 


This makes the ARROW GATE®, which was already awarded the Innovation Prize IT of the "Initiative Mittelstand" in 2017, the top class of Industry 4.0.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Creation of transparency in intralogistics

  • Simple connection to higher-level enterprise systems

  • Avoidance of incorrect bookings

  • Securing the flow of goods

  • Output of qualified booking data

  • Bulk recognition

Arrow Gate


Revolutionary textile and laundry logistics

The Ultra-High Frequency based cabinet was specially manufactured in cooperation with partners from the manufacturing industry and is used in all areas where Smart Logistic and automated goods registration is necessary. Special attention was paid to the avoidance of false bookings, which go hand in hand with conventional technologies. Thanks to the construction of the cabinet, reading of surrounding bars is impossible, and up to 8 antennas can be fitted for the most accurate reading processes. The device is delivered pre-assembled by truck and can be put into operation in just a few steps.


Simple operation, high detection rate
The roll containers are rolled into the robust cabinet and the door is closed. The scanning process starts fully automatically and can capture up to 200 transponders in seconds. Flexible positioning: The cabinet itself can be easily parked at the desired location thanks to integrated rollers. In addition, the TAGcabinet is ideally suited for the textile industry and guarantees fast and, above all, secure reading of laundry bundles and containers.


TAGcabinet® can be experienced for yourself at any time by appointment at the in-house RFID center.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Delivered pre-assembled by truck

  • Robust housing for rough environments

  • Unit with pass-through principle from e.g. commission area to loading point

  • Practical indicators for good or bad readings

  • Only one 220 V connection required, can be operated with LAN, WLAN or Internet Of Things


Read Point®

Reliable and intelligent detection

The ready-designed and easy-to-integrate RFID unit serves to reliably capture your transponders. A unique selling point of the fully automated transponder reader is not only the decentrally running intelligent filter software to avoid false readings, but also the Plug & Play concept, which is new to date in an RFID solution. This ensures a very high system availability in case of service. In combination with an IEC certification of our system, the READ POINT® fulfills all current requirements of the modern manufacturing industry 4.0. The system has been awarded several innovation prizes.

Compatible with all current ERP systems
The easy-to-install unit represents both a modular as well as standardized control unit for the bulk detection of objects equipped with an RFID transponder. The reading events are evaluated locally, and only qualified booking data is forwarded to higher-level middleware and/or enterprise systems via an XML interface. The control cabinet concept contains high-quality technology, has a uniform design and is manufactured in a highly cost-efficient manner.

Low downtimes in case of service
All connections on the READ POINT® control cabinet can be plugged or screwed in on the outside. This means that the complete control component can be replaced quickly and easily when servicing is required, thus considerably minimizing downtimes.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Creation of transparency in intralogistics

  • Simple connection to higher-level enterprise systems

  • Avoidance of incorrect bookings

  • Securing the flow of goods

  • Output of qualified booking data

Best Of Mittelstand Auszeichnung.PNG
Read Point

TAGscan® Move

Fully automatic object recognition and localization

The RFID solution for your warehouse movements is optimized for use with forklift trucks, cranes and other industrial vehicles and detects the loaded goods fully automatically while they are being moved. The brand of your transport device does not matter, our forklift system is manufacturer-independent. This industrial solution is suitable for use both outdoors and indoors, and also functions without problems in high or low temperature environments. Its compact die-cast aluminum construction and integrated vibration dampers ensure absolute robustness in daily use.

Maintenance-free plug & play principle

Simply plug in and get started: All relevant system data is stored on an already integrated memory card. This means that in the event of damage, the unit can be replaced within a few minutes without losing the data. The forklift system was also developed for mobile solutions with high system availability and profiles in use with existing RTLS systems. Our experts will be happy to advise you without obligation.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Automatic object recognition with passive RFID technology

  • Forklift-independent solution 

  • Easy integration into existing RTLS systems

  • Passive RFID reading technology from Impinj  

  • Backup functionality of the data 

RFID Forklifter


The RFID TAG for workpiece carrier systems

made of wire

The development of the WSTAG came about as a result of a requirement from the automotive industry: with the intelligent overall solution, applications such as intralogistics, eKANBAN, container management, status detection, automatic picking processes and much more can be realized. This enables rule-based condition monitoring and track & trace for logistics and intralogistics in industry - which increases process optimization and quality.


Withstands the toughest requirements

The WSTAG meets technical requirements (such as international UHF/ISO standards, large detection ranges or individual or bulk detection directly on the trolley) as well as physical requirements (including small load carriers with metal-laden workpieces, vibrations, impacts and other mechanical stresses, cleaning processes, UV and temperature influences during transport).  Since it is necessary to provide each load carrier with a transponder for unique identification, the assembly of the WSTAGs is tool-free, fast, simple and takes into account the different designs and manufacturing tolerances of the mesh baskets.


For an optimal overall solution, in addition to the WSTAGs we also recommend the use of a TAGcabinet, which takes over the initialization and logical marriage of the TAGs to workpiece carrier systems made of wire to trolleys.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Specially designed for wire workpiece holders

  • Can be installed with one click without drilling or gluing

  • No modification or damage to the workpiece carriers

  • Suitable for vacuum drying

  • High detection range

  • Can withstand heavy mechanical loads

  • Resistant to dry cleaning

  • Industry 4.0 and IoT ready



Ultimate robustness against mechanical impact
and low temperatures

Thanks to its glass fiber reinforcement, PA6-TAG is one of the most robust RFID transponders on the market. PA6-TAG was developed out of a need for an extremely resistant, but at the same time compact transponder for rough, inhospitable environments in the manufacturing industry. The resistance is provided by a fiber-reinforced glass fiber layer several millimeters thick. The top-of-the-line hardware, produced and tested in the company's own RFID center, is primarily used in areas with high mechanical, chemical and refrigeration requirements.


The PA6 tags are supplied with either I-Code SLI 1kBit or Mifare Desfire 4K. With a diameter of 34 mm and a thickness of 8 mm, they are among the most robust transponders in the industry. Bulk buyers receive the transponders in graduated prices from certain purchase quantities - we will be happy to advise you by phone or email.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Among the most rugged transponders in the industry

  • For use in harsh, inhospitable environments 

  • Attractive graduated prices for bulk buyers



Invisible and universally applicable security

The integration of Zone Monitoring & Find (ZOMOFI®) enables efficient and invisible security of your valuables and installations thanks to active RFID components. Our ZOMOFI® solutions are mainly used in museums, exhibition areas and studios. The secure monitoring of valuable objects, e.g. valuable art objects, expensive measuring instruments, valuables or process-relevant objects, is essential for protection against shrinkage, loss or theft.


ZOMOFI® is used to determine whether objects that have been equipped with this special identification hardware are being moved and thus manipulated. The aim of the solution is to detect this manipulation and thus subsequently to protect against unauthorized use, destruction or theft. With ZOMOFI® you get the cost-effective, fast and convenient alternative to conventional monitoring mechanisms.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Presence/absence, for real-time localisation

  • Coverage through mapping in cells or precise and

  • Target-oriented tracking

  • Monitoring in halls, storage areas, passageways

  • Tracking in trucks, incl. temperature monitoring

  • High-range access control

  • Security of persons



Fully automatic visitor counter with traffic light system

The cloud version of CROWDY provides you with valuable statistics about your visitors. In addition to the length of stay, it also logs how many visitors enter your shop at which time of day and on which day of the week. Reporting is done via web access and is 100% anonymous. Thanks to its compact design, state-of-the-art RFID technology and its cost efficiency, CROWDY is a powerful support not only during the COVID-19 crisis but also far beyond and a big step towards Industry 4.0. 

COVID19 compliant with multiple applications

Before entering your shop, visitors remove self-adhesive RFID tags from the contactless dispenser and attach them to their clothing. CROWDY automatically counts how many visitors enter and leave the shop. At the entrance door of the shop, customers have a simple traffic light system at their disposal, which gives waiting customers the signal to enter through the green light. If customers try to bypass CROWDY, they can be identified by the shop staff by means of a signal tone (entry at a red traffic light) or the missing RFID tag. The tags, which are COVID-19 compliant with one-time use, can later be exchanged for environmentally friendly, reusable cards.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Thanks to the Plug & Play principle, CROWDY is plugged into an existing power socket in the shop and immediately put into operation, no external installation necessary

  • Works reliably in situations with difficult lighting conditions where systems such as light barriers or camera systems have problems 

  • Compact design, maintenance-free hardware and integrated, intelligent direction detection function

ioTAG Smart Home

ioTAG Smart Home

Reliable and fully automatic control
of your living environment

With the ioTAG Smart Home application, you can conveniently monitor and control your living environment from anywhere in the world via an encrypted connection directly from your smartphone. Smart Home means communication of all household appliances to make your everyday life and household chores easier. This can include: Lighting systems, air conditioning systems, security systems, kitchen and electronic appliances. The device also automatically logs and warns you of deviating temperatures, water levels, open doors and windows, unauthorized access or power outages.

Simple operation via app

Use the app to control entrance doors, lighting, air conditioners, heaters, garage doors, driveways, ramps, household items, blackout elements and much more. Support is available for ANDROID and iOS. Monitor your living environment directly via smartphone: The system automatically registers open windows, doors or other access points through which people could enter and alerts you.

Your competitive advantages:

  • Comprehensive Smart Home Solution

  • Customisable app interface

  • All relevant information at a glance

  • Simple monitoring and control

  • Warning function for e.g. open windows, unauthorised access or power failures

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