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Wireless Charging 2.0

Not just wireless charging, but contactless charging - WattUp® Wireless Charging 2.0 from Energous revolutionizes the way electronic devices are charged. Thanks to novel over-the-air charging technology, it is finally possible to remotely charge even multiple devices at the same time contactless and reliably, even when they are in motion.


Charging is fast, secure and location-independent with this method. This enables a wide range of wireless charging scenarios, applications and locations: from near field to far field, whether in the office, on the road in a car, in large warehouses or for medical devices. The technologies are suitable for a wide range of devices, from small, battery-powered consumer products to industrial IoT sensors to larger electronics and peripherals.


Want to learn more about this revolutionary technology? Visit our online shop:


We are the first and only European partner for Wireless Charging 2.0 and would be happy to advise you on this exciting new topic!

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